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Themes at Pratt's Educational Resources
Animal Thematic Units: Book & eBooks from Teacher Created Resources
Bicycle Unit Study
Memorial Day
Treasure Hunts for Kids and Adults

Zoobooks Magazine
Zoobooks has magazines that include: Zoobooks (kids ages 6-12), Zootles (kids ages 2-6), and Zoobies (kids ages 0-3 years old!). They also have various books. Some include: Exotic Animals, Aquatic Animals, Wilderness Animals, Reptiles, Birds, Animals of North America, Polar Region Animals, Australian Animals, Cats, Animal Babies, Bears, Butterflies, Eagles, Dolphins, Elephants, Dinosaurs, and more. They also have other products.

QuickCraft ebooks are a very popular item on Desert Blossom Learning. Click below to read more about these books. (They even have one with Australian animals.)
Quick Craft Activity Books

Kids Printable Activities and Crafts from QuickCraft

Flying Through the AlphabetlovethatteachingTN_HelpfulTeachingExtrasVolume1_Cover.gifMath Centers
I Love That Teaching Idea! eBooks
Find many more educational ebooks by clicking on the above link.

Daily Discoveries Series from Teaching and Learning Company (TLC)
Daily Discoveries Theme Books  > Daily Discoveries Theme Books
Daily Discoveries Series: Grades K-6 -- January Themes, February Themes, March Themes, April Themes, May Themes, June Themes, July Themes, August Themes, September Themes, October Themes, November Themes, and December Themes. (The February and April books may have the incorrect image on it. I have contact Amazon.com about this matter. The correct February and April book images are above.)

Maximum Math e-Book by Kathryn Stout
Maximum Math

Teacher Created Resources
Find lots of thematic units at Teacher Created Resources. They are available in book, ebook, and enhanced ebook formats. Click below to browse their website.
Over 1500 products from Teacher Created Resources