Social Skills

Social Skills Model Me Kids DVDs

I highly recommend the Model Me Kids DVDs. It is geared for children ages 2-17. These are for geared for children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and Nonverbal Learning Disorders. We bought the ones for the younger children (Time for School, Time for Playdate and I Can Do It!). Our children enjoyed them very much. At their site, they have testimonials about these videos. Each video comes with a CD-Rom of photographs (which can be used to "to demonstrate, review, and test the social skills shown in the video. They may be printed as flashcards for handy reference or viewed as a computer slideshow."). Click on the below image to read more about these social DVDs (social videos).

They also have Teaching Manuals & Student Workbooks that can be purchased to help your children or students learn social skills. The Teaching Manuals inclulde lesson plans for each DVD chapter, At-Home activity plans, and more.

Model Me Kids Titles include:
Ages 2-8 and Ages 5-12: Going Places | Faces & Emotions | Time for School | Time for a Playdate | I Can Do It
Ages 9-17: Confidence | Conversation Cues | Friendship | Tips & Tricks